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​élan exfoliating body treatment

exfoliating body treatment

50min/175.    80min/235.

add-on prior to spray tan 150.

>> back and back of arm add-on to any massage <<



Creatively designed by our senior technicians at spa élan, this is our shower-less body treatment!  

Your entire body will be exfoliated with the use of steam, hot towels, & a deep exfoliating mitt.  

No need to get off the table to shower off messy scrubs or products!  

Our 80 minute exfoliating body treatment comes with an application of an organic soothing body oil.

 The pre-tan exfoliation leaves that out for the benefits of the spray tan to follow.      

Dermasuri Mitt benefits:

>Removes impurities & rejuvenates skin, leaving skin smooth & renewed<

>Improves circulation, stimulates collagen, & fights aging<

>Reduces ingrown hairs, bumps, & clogged pores<

>Helps even skin tone & prevents dullness<

>Increases skin's ability to absorb skin care products more effectively<

>Smooths skin surface for even tanning & self-tanning products<

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